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Owensville and Rosebud are both surrounded by hills and woods that are beautiful in every different season. Our communities offer all of the benefits of rural life while providing the goods and services enjoyed by much larger urban areas. We’re proud of the caring people who choose to call us home. Our clean neighborhoods exemplify individual and community pride, while our fairs and festivals throughout the year provide exciting and neighborly fun.

Throughout the year, a wide variety of activities and events are held in our communities. Whether you love music, wineries, great food, shopping, or just relaxing, we have much to offer. Check out our Events Calendar.

The Douglas Prairie Quilt Trail boasts over 50 unique quilt blocks displayed throughout our communities.  In addition, we have a wide variety of wineries, music events, shopping, scenic hiking trails, churches, and other events including our Witches Night Out held each October.

We have an assortment of different lodging and accommodation opportunities for visitors to our quiet, rural towns. Check with us for more details.

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Let us show you what our quiet, rural towns of Owensville and Rosebud have to offer. We want people to come and explore the cities of Owensville and Rosebud, Missouri, while they enjoy the sights and events we have going on. Contact us today to learn more about our upcoming events.



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